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Today, there are all kinds of people who play the simple game of bingo and get hours of fun out of it. While for many people it is a game that’s about investing a small stake for a potentially life-changing amount of cash, for many others who play bingo, whether they win or lose is of secondary importance apart from the main reason that they play. The real reason they are there to play bingo is for the fun of the game and the socialising side of it.

Even online bingo is sociable. In fact, it’s easier to socialise when you play online bingo than it is at the bingo hall. In a land-based bingo hall, silence is called for during the games, so that all the players have an equal chance of hearing the bingo caller give out the numbers and of being first to complete their cards and shout bingo. But in the online game, there’s no need for quiet and formality – everyone can rely on the auto-daub feature which marks the corresponding numbers off for you and any win cards are registered automatically by the software. This leaves players free to meet others in the bingo site chat rooms, where the real action is. Bingo sites such as Mirror, Gala and Bingo Fest all have lively chat rooms. If you play bingo at, you’ll have a wide choice of different rooms to visit, each of which has its own special atmosphere.

There are plenty of celebs who enjoy playing bingo, and it’s probable that many of them play online at sites like those mentioned above. Of course, we wouldn’t know who they were, as anyone can make their user name as anonymous as they wish it to be. But we know that certain celebs have a great affinity for bingo.

The stars who like to get their ‘eyes down’ include:

  • Catherine Zeta-Jones. Apparently the Welsh actress is so keen on the game of bingo that she made her own bingo set that she drags out of the cupboard at family gatherings. Husband Michael Douglas has reportedly tried to like the game, but can’t understand what his wife likes about it.
  • Russell Crowe. The man who was once labelled as the ‘world’s sexiest man’ may not have claimed to be a fan of bingo in recent years, but bingo once paid for the food on his table. Russell worked as a bingo caller in his youth in Australia, but was actually fired for straying from the traditional bingo calls and making up his own cheeky versions. Luckily for him, the acting took off and he didn’t have to find a new job at another bingo hall.
  • Robbie Williams. Singer Robbie likes the odd game of bingo and once posted a pic of him and Gary Barlow playing the game once. Robbie’s also joined in charity bingo games in Hollywood over the years and has said that he enjoys hosting bingo parties at home.
  • Bono. U2’s frontman is said to be fond of the game of bingo. He is a part-owner of a club in Dublin that has a mezzanine gallery, where he’s been seen now and then watching what’s happening in the bingo games that take place downstairs.
  • Ricky Tomlinson. The actor who played Jim Royle in the Royale Family sit-com apparently loves a game of bingo when he wants to unwind and relax. He even has a DVD bingo game, though we suspect he’s probably moved on to playing bingo online these days.
  • Prince William. The real Royal Family also enjoys playing bingo and Prince William was spotted at a bingo hall game during his training at Sandhurst military academy back in 2006. Today, he sometimes even features as a bingo call – ‘Will & Kate’ are down as ‘number 8’ on some bingo callers’ lists in the UK.

So next time you’re having a good old chat with someone in a bingo site chat room, look out for any clues that might reveal you’re chatting with a celebrity!

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sightings – jamie dornan, dakota johnson, shia labeouf, jake gyllenhaal, jessica biel, Jennifer Morrison, nathan buzolic

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sightings – benedict cumberbatch, jamie dornan

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