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Vanessa Hudgens terrifies unsuspecting guests at Knott’s Scary Farm in Southern California. She dressed up as a scary witch to frighten unsuspecting guests at Knott’s Scary Farm for Halloween but the best reactions actually happened after she took off her mask. The actress, 25, gave unsuspecting parkgoers quite the fright while outfitted in the monster mask and costume. Before she was unleashed on the park, Hudgens got some scare lessons from the ghouls and monsters that haunt Knott’s Scary Farm around Halloween time.
“I’m not very scary!” she said, laughing and dubbing her monster alter ego Scary Mary.
Hudgens spooked some unsuspecting guests but nothing beat their facess of terror, than their faces turning to  pure joy after discovering who was underneath the terrifying costume!

Benedict Cumberbatch at Quaglino’s restaurant  in london

neil patrick harris in new york

jared leto rides a bike in Rio de Janerio, Brazil

Keanu Reeves at  Re-production Of The French Short Black-and-white Silent -” La sortie des usines Lumiere”-Documentary Film Directed And Produced In 1895 By Late French Filmmaker Louis Lumiere At The ‘Lumiere 2014, Grand Lyon Film Festival’ on October 18, 2014 in Lyon, France


Jared Leto makes time for his Brazilian fans as he heads back to his hotel in Ipanema Beach after having dinner with some friends at a local restaurant in Rio. The actor/singer is in Brazil as part of his world tour with his band ’30 Seconds to Mars.’


Vanessa Hudgens gets juice from Orchard Flats Cold Pressed Juicery


We invited Laura, who writes frequently for an Online Bingo Site to share her thoughts on the extremely popular TV series “The Bachelor” with the community.

As much as we love a great game of bingo, we also love to settle down in front of the television with something tasty when one of our favorite shows comes on.

We already love Game of Thrones and Dancing with the Stars, but one of our other viewing (not) best kept secrets is that we love The Bachelor? The simple format of this show has been a recipe for success from the very start and it still has us hooked ever year that it comes back on the screen.

This fantastic show started up way back in 2002 and we love trying to guess which lucky lady is going to end up with the eligible bachelor as the show progresses. However, we also sometimes catch ourselves wondering whether the previous couples who featured in the season finales went on to really find love together in the long run.

The First Couple – 2002

Did you see the very first exciting series of The Bachelor? When it first started we weren’t sure how it would pan out but before long we were hooked, as millions of people across the country also were. Alex Michel was the man who had to do the choosing and he selected Amanda Marsh after a fascinating season with lots of twists and turns in it. He didn’t propose to her but they did stay together as a couple for a year before finally breaking up. Amanda then got married to someone she had known earlier and had a child with him. Alex is now working in the media industry and as far as we can tell is still unmarried, although he appears to have a long term partner now.

The Good Friends – 2003

The 2003 season was pretty good too. This year saw Andrew Firestone faced with the tough decision of picking just one partner from all of the lovely ladies on the show. In the end, he went for Jen Schefft and things looked promising for them for a while. However, it didn’t last for long and they broke up for after just a few months as a couple, although they promised to stay friends after this. Andrew went on to marry actress Ivana Bozilovic and they now have 3 kids together. You might have caught Jen appearing in a later series of The Bachelorette.

The First Long Term Couple – 2004

As far as we can see, the first couple to make a go of it long term were Byron Velvick and Mary Delgado. Do you remember them taking part way back in 2004? He was a professional angler and she had arrived in the US from Cuba as a baby. He asked her to marry him in Spanish, she became a competent angler and things looked pretty good. Then, in 2007, Mary got arrested for apparently punching Byron when he made fun of the suggestion that they should get married, when they were on a Bachelor reunion show. Sadly, they broke up after 5 years together.

The On Off Couple -2005

Hands up those of you who remember the 2005 season with Charlie O’Connell? He is the actor who took his time before choosing Sarah Brice as his ideal woman. Did he make a mistake by choosing her instead of runner up Krisily Kennedy? The relationship didn’t start too well when he chose her as the winner but decided not to propose marriage to her. They stayed together until 2007 then broke up. However, they got back together again in 2008, before splitting up again in 2010. Will they ever get back together again in the future? It seems unlikely at this stage.

The First Marriage – 2013

Fast forward to the 2013 series of The Bachelor and we were still looking for the first couple to make it down the aisle. Would Sean Lowe make a smart choice and get his bride? He had already appeared on The Bachelorette and had become a favorite of the viewing public when he reached third place. The finale to this season of The Bachelor was incredible, as an emotional Sean told Lindsay Yenter that he loved her but that he loved the other finalist even more. He got married to Catherine Giudici in 2014 and the ceremony got aired live. It seems as though they are still happy together (admittedly they’ve only been married for a few months) and Sean has also appeared on Dancing with the Stars. To date they are the only couple from The Bachelor to get engaged at the finale and then go on to get married to each other.

The Current Couple – 2014

This year has already seen Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell get together at the end of the latest season to end. Juan Pablo is a former soccer player and the first Latino Bachelor. He didn’t propose to Nikki at the end of the season but they have started a relationship that it still going at the time of writing. Will they become the second couple to get married in the history of this great show? We can’t say just yet, we might have to wait for the conclusion of the next season to see if we finally get to see another happy couple walk up the aisle together.

The Ones That Got Away

What couple have you seen throughout the different seasons of the show that you thought were made for each other but didn’t get it together? Maybe you were sat there screaming at the television screen that the Bachelor should choose someone just as he was in the process of rejecting them. Who knows how things could have worked out for different couples from the show over the years but it can be fun to try and picture how they would get on together.

Finally, What About You?

Would you like to feature on this show or on one of the other dating reality shows that are so popular these days? If so, would you like to be the person doing the choosing or one of the group of singles that he or she has to choose from?

Shailene Woodley teaches Jimmy Fallon some gothic dance moves before playing Pumpkin Time Bomb on The Tonight Show. The actress was on the show to promote her new movie White Bird in a Blizzard and offered to show Fallon some of the dance moves from the film. He jumped up and joined her as they did some hilarious moves which Woodley explained were ‘gothic dance moves’ with names like ‘clear the cobwebs’ and ‘step over the dead body’. Later in the show the pair teamed up to play Pumpkin Time Bomb where they put rubber bands around a pumpkin – while wearing safety goggles. It already had 190 bands on it when they started but after several later the pumpkin exploded.