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Bushy bearded actor Leonardo DiCaprio spotted out with some friends in West Hollywood, California on September 29, 2014. Leo is growing out his beard for his upcoming role in ‘The Revenant’ where he plays Hugh Glass, a 19th Century fur trapper who gets mauled by a bear.

Frozen’s Elsa arrives in Storybrooke in the season premiere of Once Upon A Time. The Disney characters from the hit animated movie Frozen – which also include Princess Anna and Kristoff – are being introduced to the fairytale town along with regualr cast members that include Snow White, Robin Hood, Rumplestiltskin and the Evil Queen.  In the season opener Elsa, played by actress Georgina Haig, arrives in Storybrooke looking for her sister Princess Anna, played by Elizabeth Lail, who has gone missing. But she unwtittingly causes chaos as she unleashes a snow monster and also freezes a van.

neil patrick harris arrives at david letterman













mark ruffalo on the set of spotlight

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British actor Jamie Dornan is seen heading to a laundrette holding a bundle of shirts.

Jamie plays the titular character of Christian Grey in the upcoming feature film adaptation of the best-selling novel “Fifty Shades of Grey”.

Jamie’s had his initials embroidered in one of the shirts.

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Zac Efron and Wes Bentley  on the set of We Are Your Friends

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Hugh Jackman has some underwater fun and manages to strike some impressive poses while submerged far beneath the surface in new pics he shared on his social media account, a place that has more and more been used to show the surprisingly fun side of the famous Aussie star.

Picture shows: Hugh Jackman again showing off his super fun side as he enjoys riding down a slide at Google’s offices with his wife Deborra-Lee Furness, in this fun recent pic he shared on social media on September 17th, 2014. Hugh says: “Awesome day with @Deborra_lee at Google. Who doesn’t have a slide in their office!?!?!

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Benefit Cosmetics And Vanessa Hudgens Kick-Off National Wing Women Weekend with a kickoff party in Hollywood.

Chris Pratt hosts Saturday Night Live. The Guardians of the Galaxy hunk poked fun at his latest super hero role – by appearing on SNL as a reali life He-Man action figure who suddenly develops sexual feelings with his toy pal Lion-O, played by Taran Killam. Pratt also appeared in a pre-recorded digital short lampooning Marvel Comic’s  recent box office success with Pratt appearing in a series of new Marvel movies and dressing up as Princess Leia for a Star Wars remake. In other sketches Pratt got to kiss SNL regular Vanessa Bayer as they played in-game video characters, rapped alongside Aidy Bryant as two nerds chatting each other up, played a series of NFL players who had all committed some kind of crime, a vet in a hospital where all the pets die and a troubled kid on a sitcom-spoof. He also locked lips with real life wife Anna Faris who was in the audience and who he serenaded in the opening monologue, singing about how they got together and had a baby.

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