director woody allen with Emma Stone and Joaquin Phoenix

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sightings – zac efron, michael c hall, jesse eisenberg, mark wahlberg, lucy hale, shannon leto
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Simon Baker gets frozen yogurt

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Benedict Cumberbatch listens to music on his balcony


Benedict Cumberbatch at London Heathrow airport


Jamie Dornan out and about in london

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taylor kitsch at Espresso Cielo in Santa Monica

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James Franco teaches Jimmy Fallon how to take a perfect selfie on The Tonight Show. The actor jokingly went through several ways of how not to take a selfie after Fallon poked fun at him and his recent selfies with fans in New York where Franco is wearing a hat and shades and looks completely stone-faced in all the photos. Franco responded by showing Fallon the wrong way to take a picture including getting too close and leaning too far back. But then he joked that wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses was the perfect selfie look – and the pair donned their shades and hats to take the ‘perfect’ one – before writing the name of Franco’s new movie Child of God on their caps. Also on the show the pair played a new game called 5 Second Summaries where they each had just five seconds to describe the plot of a movie to the other one, without using any characters names or saying the star’s name either.


sightings – jamie dornan, stephen amell, paul wesley, jennifer morrison

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Zac Efron strips off to go Running Wild with Bear Grylls. The hunky teen happily whipped his top off along with adventurer Grylls as the pair had to rapel down a waterfall in the premiere of the new series. Grylls picked up Efron for a two-day journey through the Catskills and the adventure started with a quick jump out of a helicopter before the men began their 40-mile journey through the mountains, during which Efron admitted that the reason he wanted to do the show was really just because he wanted to hang out with Grylls. After a quick rappel over some slippery rocks, the duo stopped to eat a few dietary supplementsójerky and nutsówhich gave viewers the first real bonding session of the trip as Efron revealed he got into show business and what he loves about his work. From there, Grylls pushed the actor to his limit when he asked him to retrieve a dead groundhog carcass to see if it was good enough to eat. It was not, and Efron nearly vomited at least five times but he did it anyway. In a refreshing scene, Efron really opened up to Bear about the struggles of Hollywood and his stint in rehab. Day two consisted of some fern tea, a highly dangerous rope crawl between two cliffs, and a 150-ft. shirtless rappel to the water below. As Efron put it, the greatest trip of his life was like ‘camping gone crazy’.

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