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A married woman in New Jersey is spending a whole lot of time with the famous actor Bradley Cooper, and whatís more, her husband doesn’t care!

Okay, so itís not the real Bradley CooperÖit’s really just a cardboard cutout. But she is certainly spending a lot of time with it!

Danielle Davis, 39, doesn’t just pose with the Cooper cut-out on occasion, he is by her side 24/7. She cooks, eats, shops and mows the lawn with him. She even takes him to bed with herself and her children.

Davis, of course, takes lots of photos with \Cooper,\ and she posts them on herInstagram account. She also has a website titled My Life With Bradley Cooper.

ìThis whole fun photo project stemmed from a much larger project. I’m working on a bookóa humorous narrativeóby the same title (My Life with Bradley Cooper) about how two lives can potentially coincide at one point and then end up in two completely different places. Bradley Cooper was the catalyst for this introspection because we went to college together for one year and were in a play together. The photos were just one more medium in this storytelling process, in this case by inserting Bradley Cooper into the life that went into another direction with hilarious results.

While the idea is that the Bradley Cooper cardboard cut-out is participating in daily life, in reality, we don’t really take him everywhere. I only have it (the cardboard) with me for photos.

To my knowledge, Bradley Cooper doesn’t know I’m doing this.

My husband thinks this is hysterical. He has always been totally supportive and has a tremendous sense of humour. Since the pictures have gone viral, he gets a pretty good laugh from people who think I’m actually living with a piece of cardboard!î

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zac efron goes horseback riding and kisses michelle rodriguez

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