Chris Hemsworth was spotted filming in LA today, check out the pictures below.
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Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, and other cast members of the Vampire Diaries have been attending BloodyCon in Germany this weekend. Check out some more photos below.
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Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe were seen at Hugh Jackman’s Laughing Man Cafe in Tribeca, NYC. Laughing Man Cafe is a coffee shop owned by Hugh Jackman and features Australian-style coffee.
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Alexander Skarsgard and Ellen Page were spotted at LAX today. Ellen page is dressed in a denim long sleeve jacket, jeans, and boots. She wears sunglasses and a baseball cap. Alexander wears a small dark green/blue t-shirt, black jeans, and sunglasses.
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Michael Fassbender was seen at the Canadian Grand Prix today in Montreal.
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James Franco introduced a special screening of “Psycho” in London at the BFI Epiphanies series at BFI Southbank today. Here are some portraits on a red background.
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Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley were at the BloodyCon Vampire Diaries Covention in Neuss, Germany yesterday. Check out the photos below.
Source:, photo credit: Iris Edinger

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Here is a fan video, unfortunately it’s sideways



Mark Wahlberg was seen going to a party with his family in West Hollywood, check out the pictures below.  He looks great in dark jeans, sneakers and a t-shirt that said “Life And Style”.  He first stopped by the flower store with his wife Rhea Durham and their kids.  His wife was dressed in a summer dress, sunglasses, and carries a bouquet of flowers.  They walked down the street with their son in the middle holding hands.

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Hugh Jackman was seen with his family and his super cute pup at Hudson River Park in Manhattan.   He sports some bright, light blue sneakers with white shoelaces, a light gray tank, and black shorts, sunglasses, and a blue baseball cap.

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Chris Evans was spotted on the set of Captain America 2 on in Cleveland, Ohio on June 7th.  In one of the pictures he is seen with his stunt double.  They’re dressed in the same blue jackets and t-shirt and tan colored khaki pants and sport similar hairstyles.  Sebastian Stan as the winter soldier appears in the background.  There is also a picture of Sebastian Stan as the winter soldier standing on top of a car on the set.
Source:, photo credit: kristin julie
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