Tom Cruise refuses to be photographed on the set of Rock of Ages. Cruise was driven around in a red golf cart (which was all covered up) and flanked by security from his trailer to the door of the club (which was like 30 feet away); fans were saying Tom, looked ridicules riding across the street rather than walking. Everyone was very disappointed when The A list actor refused to take pictures or sign autographs, after he was heckled by fans and photogs that were screaming “I heard this movie is going strait to video” and “Tom I hope you dont have a back end deal on this one”. Meanwhile all the other actors were gracious and posed for photogs.

This week a complaint has been filed against the city of Fort Lauderdale, claiming police are harassing anyone who tries to get near the “Rock Of Ages” movie set. Those who filed the suit said signs posted around the set that say, “Warning. No Trespassing. Photography of this area is prohibited. Strictly enforced by FLPD. Violators subject to arrest,” and cite a city ordinance are illegal.

“You have no right to arrest a citizen for taking a photograph from a public place where he has a legal right to be,” said Norm Kent, an attorney and the editor and publisher of South Florida Gay News.

The film also stars Mary J. Blige, Julianne Hough, Alec Baldwin, Paul Giamatti, Diego Boneta, Russell Brand, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Bryan Cranston and Malin Akerman on June 17, 2011 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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Pregnant actress and Country singing superstar Carrie Underwood showed off her bulging belly in a tight fitting red dress as she appeared and performed on The Today Show
Underwood appeared on the show to promote her latest album ‘Carrie Underwood Greatest Hits: Decade #1
Speaking with host Matt Lauer about her pregnancy, the singer revealed that the baby, a boy, is due in early spring and that her and husband Mike Fisher have not yet decided on names.
Asked when she was due. she coyly said: “I’m due in the early Spring.”
Asked how she was feeling she said: “I’m good, i feel really good.”
And when Lauer asked her if she succumbed to morning sickness during her first trimester she said: “No i didnt, i was really fortunate in that”
And on the subject of baby names, Underwood added: “There’s a couple that we are ok with but its hard. Labeling your child for the rest of your life is hard”

Jimmy Kimmel helps Aaron Paul surprise his wife Lauren on her birthday. The Breaking Bad star was on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote his new movie Exodus: Gods and Kings when he mentioned it was his wife Lauren’s birthday. Kimmel pulled her out of the audience and had her sit on the couch next to Aaron, telling her the actor had asked him to help surprise her. Kimmel said Aaron had told him Radiohead was her favourite band – but then said he couldn’t get hold of them so gave her a Radioshack gift card instead. A laughing Lauren thanked him – and was then handed another present. Kimmel said this time Aaron told him she loved space but after contacting Richard Branson and finding out trips to space were $250,000 he had got her something else – this time the present was a VHS copy of the movie Space Jam. Kimmel then tried to light a sparkler instead of having fireworks but gave up when it wouldn’t ignite. Finally he told Lauren that Aaron had revealed her favourite singer was Diana Ross – but then added he couldn’t get her either so he got the next best thing to sing happy birthday to her – comedian Jeff Ross. Ross then burst out of a box dressed in drag with a huge Diana Ross style wig and sang Happy Birthday to Lauren while she and Aaron collapsed into laughter.

Jimmy Fallon shows off daughter of his newborn daughter Frances Cole on The Tonight Show. The proud dad whipped out his cell phone to show viewers several pictures of the baby on his first night back after taking time off to celebrate her birth. Grinning and looking delighted Fallon showed photos on his iPhone of Frances strapped into a chair as the family got ready to leave the hospital in Dallas, Texas, where she was born via a surrogate. Fallon also showed a photo of his wife Nancy and other daughter Winnie – before pointing out a random guy in the background who had photo bombed them without realising it.

keanu reeves on the set of the Untitled Cop Thriller Project

James Franco hosts Saturday Night Live with a little help from pal Seth Rogen. The actor had Rogen joining him during his opening monologue to pose for an hilarious selection of jokey images together. Joking that the hackers targeting their new Sony movie The Interview were leaking all the photos of their phones, they showed them together with Seth in pantyhose, Seth teaching Franco to read, and Franco sleeping on the toilet covering himself with a teddy bear and their naked Christmas card showing stockings covering their private parts. But the most hilarious one was of them pretending to recreate one of the most famous images of John and Yoko – with Seth showing off his hairy back as he wore nothing more than baggy white y-fronts as he hugged Franco and tenderly kissed his cheek. Also on the show Franco poked fun at Christopher Walken’s Peter Pan Live performance, locked lips with SNL cast member Kyle Mooney as he played a troll who needed payment to cross the bridge, a sleazy boat captain and a ‘grow your own man’ guy for someone who needed friends. He also shared the stage with musical guest Nicki Minaj as he played the part of someone’s brain trying to eradicate terrible memories while Minaj played herself as she and her song were stuck in the person’s brain and couldn’t get out.

Nicki Minaj spoofs Kim Kardashian and Beyonce during appearance on Saturday Night Live. The rapper was listed as the musical guest on SNl – but ended up stealing the spotlight from host James Franco as she also appeared in several sketches throughout the 90 minute show. She poked fun at reality star Kardashian and her recent nude photo shoot. Dressed in a tight white dress showing plenty of cleavage, Minaj pretended to be Kim outraged at how ‘the entire thing was completely misinterpreted’. Minaj then had her face super-imposed on the now-famous shots – and insisted that they all had the backgrounds removed taking away the meaning, adding backgrounds for viewers to see how they were intended – as a public service announcement to get women to vist their gynacologist, a maths lesson for kids and even a card for her Jewish friends. Also on the show Minaj did an impersonation of Beyonce pretending to be the Virgin Mary. She also performed twice – her new hit Bed of Lies, accompanied by Skylar Grey and then a medley of Only and All Thinfs Go.

Neil Patrick Harris and husband David Burtka were spotted enjoying a day earlier this week at Disney World with their kids Gideon & Harper. The family were spotted at Disney’s Animal Kingdom park enjoying the rides and wildlife. The partners were seen taking a ride on Triceratops Spin alone, then taking another ride with the kids. Then the family headed over to the African Safari, where they boarded a safari truck and checked out Lions, Zebras, and Giraffe. Neil and his husband were also seen acting goofy on a ride called Dinosaur. After enjoying the rides and shows, The two fathers were seen making their way out of the park with their kids enjoying a ride on their shoulders