Christian Bale leaves a drug store in Brentwood

mila kunis and ashton kutcher in los angeles

Lily-Rose Melody Depp on the set of ‘Yoga Hosers’

zac efron gets a (fake) black eye on the set of We Are Friends september 9th more pix

robert de niro on the set of The Intern at a park in downtown Brooklyn. He was seen doing Tai-Chi.

mark ruffalo at the premiere of Infinitely Polar Bear at Toronto Film Festival 2014

This is nuts! These quirky images show wild squirrels carrying out everyday human tasks.

The clever critters are pictured doing the laundry, checking the mail and even using a toilet in new 2015 calendar May Contain Nuts by British publisher Maverick Arts.

They are the work of Nancy Rose, an animal lover who decided to snap the rodent visitors to her backyard in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

She creates tiny sets in her garden for the squirrels and entices them with tasty nuts.

But sometimes Nancy has to wait for several days before she is able to snap them in poses that suggest they are interacting with the set.

Nancy explains: “I was taking photos of the squirrels who came to visit my bird feeders and there are only so many shots of squirrels you can take until they all look alike. A friend gave me an idea for a tiny mailbox and it was so popular on flickr that I decided to try some other little props.”

Get the calendar on amazon here


Channing Tatum reveals he’s scared of porcelain dolls during appearance on The Ellen Show. The hunky actor was on the show to promote his new animated movie The Book of Life – and was quizzed by host Ellen DeGeneres about the theme of the movie – conquering your fears. She then asked him what he was afraid of – and Tatum replied he was afraid of singing. And then he admitted he was ‘terrified’ of porcealin dolls. He told Ellen: “I’m terrified of porcelain dolls. I just think they are freaky, super freaky, the have real eyes that move, I just imagine when I walk by them they heads move.” As Ellen pulled out two gothic style dolls out of a box, Tatum began to freak out, yelling: ‘Stop stop,” before adding: “Is that not freaky to anyone esle?” He refused to touch or hold the doll and was left squirming when Ellen sat on his lap and put the doll right up against his face.

Hugh Jackman tries to cheat at game of ‘Pool Bowling’ against Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show. The Wolverine, who was on the show to promote his new Broadway play The River, got to square off with Fallon in a game of pool bowling, which is pool or billiards but played with bowling balls. Jackman was completely into the game but was losing againt Fallon when he decided to try and steal a win by cheating. But as Fallon’s back was turned Jackman put on of the bowling balls back on the table – but didn’t realiser he had put his own ball back on the table instead of Falloni╠üs. When he did realise, he put his hands on his knees, shook his head and confessed to Fallon that he had been trying to cheat – and Fallon ended up wining the game.

Chris Pratt carries his sunglasses-wearing 2 year old son Jack into a birthday party in Beverly Hills. The ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ star wore a Lake Wrestling shirt and smiled as he carried his son into a house for what was believed to be a child’s birthday party.

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