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Las Vegas, the Gambling and Entertainment City of the world has been attracting nearly 40 million visitors annual since a couple of years. Among these countless visitors, you can find various celebrities who have flocked to Las Vegas as this city is considered as a larger and more sophisticated city that it used to be. Sin City is more than just a casino resort or getaway town where people head, but it is now a place where celebrities can do business, raise their family and put down roots. What A-Lister celebrities love about this town is its privacy, where they get the freedom to take their kids out and have fun without being bothered by the paparazzi.

The magic of Vegas seems to have mesmerised most of the A-Lister celebrities that have visited this enchanting city of neon lights. This magic of Las Vegas has spread online to Magical Vegas mobile casino, where players along with celebrities can experience the casino atmosphere of Vegas from anywhere around the world. Here they don’t have to worry about their privacy, and can comfortably play over 200 games which include online video slots, poker, roulette, and even live casino games. Magical Vegas casino is a great online location where celebrities can enjoy the atmosphere of their favourite city of Vegas while indulging in their favourite game, without having cameras’ flashing at them constantly and in complete discretion.

It’s not hard to find celebrities in Sin City, they are found in most of the shows that hit the stage in any given night in most of the luxurious Casinos and Resorts. It won’t be a surprise as well if you bump into a star anywhere offstage in Vegas such as in restaurants, on the street or while shopping. Many celebrities are native to this city, while others have made Las Vegas their home, either temporarily when working on an extended show/gig, or permanently. So you can keep your eye peeled, and you may soon discover the celebrity hidden in the person wearing dark sunglasses next to you while on a normal day out.

Andre Agassi the great tennis ace was born and raised in Las Vegas before he went on to win 8 Grand Slam titles. Now he has settled in Vegas along with his wife Steffi Graf who is a 22 times Grand Slam winner, and their 2 kids, where they are heavily involved in local charity work. Celine Dion, the famous Canadian Singer has been performing at The Colosseum (Caesars Palace) for many years and is known to have elected Vegas as her main residency. With another extended contract signed with Caesars Palace that will last until 2019, Las Vegas will be her main family home base for many years to come.

The famous magician and illusionist Criss Angel is known to reside in a luxurious mansion found in a three and a half acres estate called Serenity, and it is found on top of a mountain overlooking the Vegas Strip. On the other hand, world known comedian and actor Nicolas Cage moved from Los Angeles to Las Vegas along with his family, so as to escape the paparazzi. According to him, this has made his life much simpler. This actor won an Academy Award while featuring in the movie Leaving Las Vegas, and also starred in Honeymoon in Vegas. It seems that Vegas in indeed lucky for Nicolas Cage who is a fan of Elvis. Finally the 4 times winner of the bodybuilding competition of Mr Olympia, Jay Cutler also took residency at Las Vegas along with his wife.

So you may be ready to run into your favourite celebrity anytime in Las Vegas, where they could be discovering and enjoying everything in Vegas just as you do.

For decades, the gaming industry was heavily associated with the male gender. The image of teenage boys populating arcades, basements and living rooms was pervasive, and games in general were thought to appeal to the male psyche far more than the female, with guns, explosions and machismo only ever flirting with the notion of femininity through the use of absurdly busty in-game characters. Today, though, the situation has changed enormously, indeed, more so than one might imagine.

Last year research was conducted by the Internet Advertising Bureau in to the state of female gaming in an effort to quantify what industry pundits had assumed for years. The results were somewhat surprising, with it being revealed that some 52% of gamers were, in fact, women. Why was this the case? Weren’t the majority of gamers having their gaming sessions fuelled by copious amounts of testosterone?

Aside from the rather obvious fact that a fairly large proportion of women have playing games for decades, hidden via the male-leaning world of game advertising, the way in which people play has changed over the past decade or so. No longer are all games rather long, laborious creations, requiring hours of play time and patience to play. Today an explosion in smartphones, tablets and social networking sites have brought forth a new, more casual, way to game, a means of playing that is far more inclusive to the droves of women that may have been put off of the pastime by the guns, repetition and heaving chests of gaming’s yesteryear.

Take, for instance, online casinos. Today, sites such as Lady Lucks, which offer players the ability to play quick, casual games via their smartphones, have exploded in popularity, with players able to play via Facebook, app or website, all whilst winning small amounts of money in the process. It’s a way of playing that has never truly existed before, and to anyone wanting to enjoy twenty minutes of fun, often whilst socialising with friends or family via the sites, it’s a perfect mix of fun, speed and reward that very much appeals to women.

Yet despite the boost in female player numbers, and the boost in types of game available to them, there are still gender-based deficiencies in the gaming industry that, in 2015, really should have already been addressed. In Britain, one of bastions of the global gaming industry, only 22% of designers, and 3% of programmers, are women. When it comes to speakers at conferences, the numbers are incredibly small. Although this is likely acting as a hindrance to the potential of the industry, one can only hope that the fact that most gamers are now female will provide an impetus for male-populated developing and publishing houses to add a dose of equality to their workforces.

colin farrell at jfk

tom cruise on the set of mena

Jared Leto’s and Margot Robbie’s stunt doubles on the set of Suicide Squad in Toronto, Canada

Stephen Amell, Cassandra Jean, and daughter sunbathing in Marbella, Spain

jared leto spotted with green hair and a bicycle

Owning a racehorse has always been thought of as something of a highbrow affair. So it’s no surprise to find that many celebrities have been drawn into the lucrative world of horse-racing. And here’s a list of ten horse-mad celebrities!

Steven Spielberg

So devoted is Spielberg to horses that not only did he devote an entire film to the plight of a horse in World War One with War Horse, but he even had part-ownership of a horse who finished fourth place in the Kentucky Derby in 2003!

Kevin Costner

This Academy Award winning star has stakes in many horses that race on circuits in California. And further to this Costner was recently quoted as saying ‘I’m more comfortable with a horse than a woman’!

Liz Hurley

The glamorous movie star has reputedly made inroads into horse ownership through a syndicate, and even sold her horse, Memory, to the Queen! So if you have interests like Ms Hurley then you can get the very latest updates online.

Wayne Rooney

Clearly a man with some money to burn, Wayne Rooney recently took time away from the Manchester United training ground and became involved in the racing world where he now owns no less than four racehorses.


The queen of pop proved she is nothing if not resilient when, despite breaking bones through a horse-riding accident in 2005, she still doggedly hung on to her horse obsession and now has two horses of her own.

Johnny Depp

Not only is Johnny Depp a film star and a great guitar player, but he also became entwined with the horse-racing world after becoming enamoured with the lead horse in his film Sleepy Hollow. So much so that he adopted the horse Goldeneye after filming ended!

Selma Blair

The Hellboy and Cruel Intentions star is renowned for her love of horses. She originally wanted to become a horse trainer but got side-tracked by the movie business. However, things worked out with a happy ending as she now has her very own horse called Taffy.

MC Hammer

Well he had to have something to do with his time after his music career took something of a nose-dive in the 1990s. So apart from finding God, Hammer has also taken the very lucrative step of becoming a racehorse owner with 19 horses in his Oaktown stables.

Viggo Mortensen

The Lord of the Rings’ star got a lot of saddle-time during his spell in the fantasy trilogy. And it must have rubbed off on him, as he now owns two horses and even published a photography book entitled ‘The Horse Is Good’!

The Queen

And finally, if proof was ever needed that the horse world attracts the high and mighty, then look no further than to our very own Queen. Her best effort was in 1957 when she had four winners at Royal Ascot.

Jim Parsons is going from a scientific nerd in “The Big Bang Theory” to a pretty big religious role — the Almighty.
Producers on Thursday said Parsons will star in a stage adaptation of the humor book “The Last Testament: A Memoir by God” on Broadway. The play, called “An Act of God,” is adapted by its author, David Javerbaum.
Two-time Tony Award winner Joe Mantello, who also helmed “Wicked” and “Other Desert Cities,” will direct the show, which begins performances May 5 at the Studio 54 theater.
Parsons, who won four Emmys for “The Big Bang Theory,” has Broadway credits that include the comic “Harvey” and the heartbreaking “The Normal Heart.”
Javerbaum is the Emmy Award-winning former head writer and executive producer of “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.” He also co-wrote the score to the 2008 musical “Cry-Baby” and songs for the Tony Awards hosted by Neil Patrick Harris, including the tune “Broadway Is Not Just for Gays Anymore.”
The show is produced by Jeffrey Finn, who has produced “The Elephant Man,” ”Seminar,” ”Scandalous,” ”Dead Accounts” and “The Realistic Joneses.”

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