The Backstreet Boys have been spending their time lately in the Bahamas, from october 24-28th. Check out the photos below.

Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger in Rio Brazil

Even SpongeBob SquarePants cannot escape the torments of unemployment and corporate downsizing. In a new episode, which illustrates the struggling US economy, the cherished children’s TV character is made redundant and goes through a period of depression and despair while looking for work. In the topical Nickelodeon episode normally cheerful Sponge Bob gets the boot after 14 years of faithful service at the Krusty Krab burger shack – because his boss discovers he can save ten cents by giving Sponge Bob the sack. Feeling demoralised the absorbent cartoon personality offers to work for free but his heartless employer Mr. Krabs doesn’t allow it because free labour is illegal. “Like all really great cartoons, part of SpongeBob’s long-running success has been its ability to tap into the zeitgeist while still being really funny for our audience,” says Russell Hicks, Nickelodeon’s President of Content, Development and Production.


hugh jackman walks his dog dali in the west village. also are some pictures from yesterday.

First Lady Michelle Obama promoted healthy foods with Elmo and Rosita from Sesame street for a new marketing campaign to help children eat healthier foods. Yesterday, she joined kids in Washington DC at an annual fall harvest that took place at the White House Kitchen Garden on the South Lawn of the White House. She cuts some broccoli from a vegetable garden and gives them to her Seasame street friends. She’s also seen picking a healthy pumpkin. Michelle also appeared on Seasame street four years ago as part of Seasame Street Workshops Healthy Habits for Life to promote healthy eating for children. Check out the image and video below.


union j with fans in Birmingham

Joshua Dallas, Jennifer Morrison, Robert Carlyle, and Emilie de Ravin film scenes for once upon a time. They filmed in Garry Point park in Richmond, Canada and in Vancouver.

Edit: More pix have been added, including pictures with Ginnifer Goodwin. The cast members are seen walking back to their trailer in Steveston Village in Richmond, Canada

Mark Wahlberg visits a medical building in beverly hills wearing pink

He was also seen grabbing some food at Judi’s, where he leaves a $11 tip. At the deli he buys two bowls of soup. He exits the restaurant listening to music on his headphones.

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 10.45.36 AM

Edit: more added

hugh jackman and wife at the Gabrielles Angel Foundation Hosts Angel Ball 2013

carrie underwood poses for The Sound of Music portraits