Dave Franco was seen in Hollywood on Tuesday, June 4th for a jimmy kimmel live appearance. He wears a blue checkered shirt, jeans, and boots. He carries some hangers with a couple long sleeve shirts and jackets on them.
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Check out these clips from the appearance.
Part 1:
He talks about having a strange family, going swing dancing with his family, putting on a christmas play for 1 person, christmas with the francos, and more.

Part 2:
He talks about his mom being an actress and taking classes at stanford university in palo alto, asking his mother to be in his Funny or Die shorts (which features “X-rated” content as he calls it”), his new movie Now You See me, doing an action fight scene with Mark Ruffalo, growing up in Palo Alto and never being in a fight, winning his first fight, kicking the Hulk’s ass, and more.

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